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Associated Press quotes Greim in article on Tea Party lawsuit against IRS

The Associated Press recently sought Graves Garrett Partner Edward Greim’s comments after a federal judge ruled that 10 Tea Party groups may move forward in their lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service.

The Tea Party groups are suing the IRS for claims of discrimination and retaliation against them based on their views, which they believe is in violation of their free speech rights. Todd Graves and Greim are the lead attorneys for the group and were the first to file a lawsuit against the IRS in this case. The suit emerged from a national controversy surrounding the agency’s inappropriate “targeting of conservative political groups for extra scrutiny as they sought tax-exempt status,” The Kansas City Star previously reported.

“If the government is right in this case, it means that from now on, no matter who the president is, the IRS can pick out a group of people that disagrees with the president and pull those people out, delay them, harass them, target them, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it,” Greim said. “And our position is very simple: That cannot be true and that’s not the republic that we live in.”

Click here to read the full AP article.

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