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Eddie Greim Quoted in Article about Missouri Redistricting Proposal

In an article regarding a proposed ballot measure that would overhaul how Missouri draws its legislative boundaries, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch quoted Graves Garrett Partner Eddie Greim about the potential consequences for Missouri voters. The so-called “Clean Missouri” ballot measure would use a statistical test to evaluate partisan fairness in the redistricting process and create a new position of state demographer to draw the boundaries—a position filled by the state auditor and legislative leaders.

In the article, Greim said the proposed amendment would elevate the power of the auditor to a new level: “The party that captures the office of state auditor is in a very powerful position. It’s a huge roll of the dice for either party.”

Greim, who has played key roles in several high-profile legal cases relating to policy and constitutional issues both regionally and nationally, also questioned whether the current system warranted change. “I think the current set-up is adequate,” Greim said in the article.

When Missouri’s redistricting was called into question after the 2010 census, Greim argued twice in the Missouri Supreme Court successfully defending Missouri’s new congressional districts. Greim’s experience also includes managing the trial and appellate litigation relating to the Right to Work, the controversial Missouri Court Plan, and new Missouri constitutional provisions regarding the right to keep and bear arms.

The article, “Effort to Change How Missouri Elects Local Lawmakers Faces Challenges, Experts Say,” can be found here.

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