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Graves Garrett Testifies at Senate Committee Hearing on IRS Targeting of Political Groups

As reported by The Washington Times, Graves Garrett Partner Edward Greim was invited by United States Senator and presidential hopeful Ted Cruz last week to provide testimony on the IRS’s targeting of political groups at a hearing on the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee on Oversight, Agency Action, Federal Rights and Federal Courts.

The hearing, titled “Revisiting IRS Targeting: Progress of Agency Reforms and Congressional Options,” focused on the IRS’s targeting of political groups like the NorCal Tea Party Patriots, which the firm is representing in the first lawsuit of its kind. Many other organizations like NorCal also wrongfully came under inspection or faced excessive scrutiny from the IRS because of their political beliefs.

Greim’s testimony, citing evidence that the Firm’s litigation team uncovered in civil discovery, explained why the IRS remains ripe for political abuse. Greim outlined four changes to the Internal Revenue Code that he characterized as a “first step” to prevent and punish future targeting of tax exempt organizations. The remedies include reporting to Congress when applicants are grouped; explicit statutory remedies for targeted taxpayers; clarification of the return information statute to hasten civil discovery; and a statutory waiver of the deliberative process privilege for the next five years. 

Members of the litigation team include Partners Todd Graves and Eddie Greim and Associate Dane Martin. Other attorneys partnering with Graves Garrett include Bill Randles of Kansas City, and David Langdon and Christopher Finney of Cincinnati.

To read Greim’s complete testimony, please click here

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