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Graves Garrett’s Tompkins discusses recent IRS whistleblower amendments in Tax Notes article

For the second time this year, Graves Garrett attorney Benjamin Tompkins authored an article appearing in Tax Notes.

The practice article entitled “Amendments Give Incentive to Whistleblowers” appeared in the April 9 issue. In it, Tompkins wrote about how recent amendments to the Internal Revenue Code should encourage whistleblowers to come forward with information regarding tax fraud. By expanding the definition of what the IRS should consider when calculating potential mandatory awards, Tompkins explained how the IRS should welcome these changes given the reduction in the Service’s enforcement capabilities.

As a former Assistant United States Attorney in Los Angeles and Department of Justice Tax Division Trial Attorney, Tompkins offers clients a unique depth and breadth of experience in civil and criminal tax matters involving a range of issues, including unreported income, nonfiler enforcement, undisclosed foreign bank accounts, tax return preparers, employment taxes and related trust fund recovery penalties, excise taxes, cryptocurrency, IRS bankruptcy claims, IRS examinations and collection efforts, and identity theft. With regards to potential IRS whistleblowers, Tompkins can guide someone through the process and help ensure that they receive any award they may be owed under the applicable statutes and regulations.

A collection of publications by non-profit publisher Tax Analysts, Tax Notes bills itself as “the first source of essential daily news, analysis, and commentary for tax professionals whose success depends on being trusted for their expertise.” Tax Notes’ news publications provide comprehensive but impartial coverage of tax news, while Tax Notes’ commentary publications contribute spirited and personable voices to the conversation and debate around the understanding and application of tax policy.

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