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Kansas City Business Journal highlights Todd Graves’ cattle ranching business

Todd Graves’ growing, 150-cattle farming business was featured in the Kansas City Business Journal.

The article pointed out that Graves has built his business on the same land near Smithville, Mo., that his great-great-grandparents settled in 1867.

“I was from a family farm, and the way we were raised, there was no differentiation between the place where the family ended and the farm started. I just couldn’t imagine having a family and raising kids without having that same sort of connection,” Graves said in the article.

He sells his beef to customers including Anton’s Taproom – a Kansas City butcher shop and restaurant that was recently featured in the The New York Times.

Graves told the Kansas City Business Journal that the lessons he’s learned from farming carry over to his law practice.

“The greatest lesson I learned from my dad in farming that applies to lawyering, is let’s say you’re digging a fence post hole, and it’s hard, and people want to start thinking of all the different tools they can use, the different ways to do it, the different strategies,” Graves said in the article. “My dad would say just do it, just execute. Lawyers spend hours and hours trying to pick the best strategies, when in fact there are three that would work well, and eventually you need to start pulling dirt out of the hole.”

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