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Nathan Garrett Speaks at WiSTEMM Cybersecurity Series

Graves Garrett Partner Nathan Garrett was recently featured as a keynote speaker at “Cybersecurity: Tech Room to the Board Room,” a program hosted by Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Medicine (WiSTEMM). Garrett was invited to share his knowledge and experience in the emerging area of cybersecurity law, including how government regulatory agencies and state and federal legislative bodies impose and enforce liability on data holders, in addition to the ever-increasing presence of private lawsuits brought on behalf of individuals and groups affected by breaches. Garrett also discussed the overlapping and occasionally conflicting role of law enforcement in investigating the perpetrators while seeking cooperation from data holders subject to these increasing liabilities.

The presentation was one of a series of four organized by WiSTEMM, an organization that provides support and advocacy for women working in the traditionally male-dominated fields of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine. 

Garrett’s former roles as an FBI Special Agent and federal prosecutor helped shape his understanding of the rapidly emerging area of cybersecurity in private enterprise. Garrett practiced in the Terrorism and Cyber-Security Section in the United States Attorney’s Office in Dallas and served as the Chief of the National Security Section of the United States Attorney’s office in Kansas City. 

Garrett has been featured as a speaker and writer on a range of cybersecurity topics, including another recent keynote presentation at Kansas State University’s inaugural Ingenuity Central, which gathered some of region’s most prominent business and technology executives. He has also authored articles on cyber-related issues with Bank Director magazine and LegalTech News, among others.

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