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The Kansas City Star features Edward Greim as a constitutional law expert

Graves Garrett Partner Edward Greim was a source in The Kansas City Star’s article on a high profile First Amendment issue.

The story reported that Kansas City-based JE Dunn Construction filed a brief supporting Hobby Lobby’s position that due to religious beliefs, the company shouldn’t have to comply with an Affordable Care Act provision requiring employers to provide insurance coverage for emergency contraceptives.

The Star sought Greim for comment because of his expertise in constitutional law. In the story, Greim interpreted the complicated relationship between United States Supreme Court jurisprudence on the free exercise of religion and a law passed by Congress, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA.  Greim explained that RFRA was a reaction to a Supreme Court decision and restored recognition of the fact that a law could harm religious freedom even if it didn’t specifically target a religion. In addition, Greim offered his perspective on the federal government’s court case against Hobby Lobby.

“Greim, the constitutional law attorney, said the government may already have undermined its case that it has a compelling interest to require contraceptive coverage by the large number of employers it has already exempted from the ACA,” the article said.

The Star quoted Greim as saying, “I think Hobby Lobby has a very strong argument. I’d hate to handicap the Supreme Court, but I’d put my money on the challenge.”

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