Regulated Industries

Graves Garrett attorneys advise and counsel clients on complex regulatory matters. With experience from positions in state and federal government agencies, Graves Garrett attorneys help clients facing compliance and regulatory issues. Regulatory frameworks are constantly changing at the state and federal level, and Graves Garrett brings a nuanced and creative approach to understanding how regulations affect businesses and individuals, in Missouri and across the country. Whether applying for licenses to operate in highly regulated emerging industries, or responding to and negotiating with regulators requesting information regarding clients’ day-to-day operations, Graves Garrett attorneys work with regulators to help clients break into new industries and keep their business running smoothly.

The firm’s attorneys include former state and federal prosecutors, a certified data privacy specialist, and a former chief counsel of a state executive branch—experiences and relationships they use to help Graves Garrett clients navigate an increasingly complicated regulatory environment. As more state and local governments welcome highly regulated and emerging industries, the Graves Garrett team helps clients develop legal strategies based on real-world experience. Entrepreneurs and existing businesses alike turn to Graves Garrett when deciding how to comply with the rules while still meeting their goals.