Practice Areas

Our white collar defense attorneys understand how criminal prosecutions work, and are familiar with the framework, techniques and guidelines involved in complex investigations.Learn More »
By maintaining this focus and employing a pragmatic rather than “paint-by-the-numbers” approach to business disputes, our Commercial and Business Litigation practice provides clients with efficient and effective legal representation.Learn More »
Our free speech and election law team prosecutes Section 1983 civil rights actions in state and federal trial and appellate courts around the country, representing clients in state administrative proceedings and investigations.Learn More »
We provide experienced representation both regionally and nationally in civil and criminal healthcare enforcement defense. These matters include allegations of anti-kickback or Stark Law violations, unlawful marketing or prescribing of drugs, fraudulent billing practices and questions regarding medical necessity.Learn More »
Our firm’s internal investigations team has advised multiple individual and corporate clients facing federal and state criminal, civil or regulatory investigations and litigations.Learn More »
Graves Garrett Greim has an extensive level of experience representing companies and individuals in False Claims Act (“qui tam” and “whistleblower”) cases across a number of jurisdictions.Learn More »
In the professional community, a license or an accreditation can mean the difference between a successful career and losing your livelihood.Learn More »
Graves Garrett Greim has a nationwide tax litigation practice that is built upon the unique depth and breadth of experience gained by working both inside and outside of government. GGG attorneys routinely handle civil and criminal tax issues for taxpayers.Learn More »
Our firm provides corporate compliance advice to businesses contracting with the government on the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, False Claims Act, and health care fraud, among other issues that can lead to possible debarment.Learn More »
We assist in the formation of exempt organizations, including non-profit entities operating under sections 501(c)(3), 501(c)(4) or 527 of the Internal Revenue Code. In providing compliance counseling, we prepare articles of incorporation, bylaws, board resolutions, conflict of interest policies, and other governance documents.Learn More »
Graves Garrett Greim attorneys advise and counsel clients on complex regulatory matters. With experience from positions in state and federal government agencies, GGG attorneys help clients facing compliance and regulatory issues.Learn More »
Data privacy and information security are rapidly expanding areas of law that impact nearly every other legal practice area. As society continues to become increasingly digital, the universe of businesses and organizations that must be aware of and comply with these laws and regulations continues to expand.Learn More »
Graves Garrett Greim partner Nathan Garrett continues to build a trusted reputation as a certified mediator, available to help resolve complex litigious matters through his objective and reasoned approach to understanding the full range of considerations related to dispute resolution and helping craft creative and lasting outcomes.Learn More »