Nathan Garrett to serve as mediator in Missouri and Kansas courts

Graves Garrett is pleased to announce partner Nathan Garrett recently completed the University of Missouri School of Law’s mediator training course, qualifying him to be listed on the Missouri Supreme Court’s roster of neutral mediators and for inclusion on the approved lists of the U.S. District Courts for the Western District of Missouri and District of Kansas.

The faculty of MU Law’s nationally recognized Center for the Study of Dispute Resolution facilitates the three-day session. Program topics include stages and tasks in mediation; negotiation, adjudication and settlement mix; court rules; ethical standards; confidentiality; and more.

Garrett brings unique experience and judgment to his work as a mediator — a blend derived from over 27 years of service as a state and federal prosecutor, FBI Special Agent and private practitioner. He has developed a distinguished track record of successful outcomes in high-stakes litigation across a wide-ranging area of criminal and civil law, having led businesses and individuals through countless dispute resolution processes.

“I want to become a recommended resource to help parties settle legal conflicts outside of trial or other institutional processes,” Garrett said. “I’ve been part of complex and highly consequential matters over a lot of years, and I firmly believe the occasions are few where a negotiated outcome is not the right answer for all parties. Some people may struggle with it, but it’s their last stop with control over the outcome.”

Garrett’s practice focuses on federal civil and criminal investigations, complex litigation, and False Claims Act (Qui Tam) prosecution and defense.